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younger brother smile

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# 17.07.2019 - 09:55:19

As a woman, she likes skirts very much. From childhood cotton skirts to current miniskirts, the commonality is skirts. Fortunately, I just like to wear skirts, not to the extent of obsession. The beauty of the human beings is second, the inner beauty is the main one, and the one who loves to look at the ordinary appearance, raises his hand and speaks and does things, and is gentle and jade, you will think it is beautiful. I also admire the kind of beauty that is both inside and outside, but you can��t do it any hard, but you can wear a favorite dress, have a medium-sized beauty, are not unassuming, not worldly, at least in your heart. After going to work in the morning, I was glanced at you by the big brother. The harsh moment in my eyes clearly understood how to wear such a short skirt to go to work Cheap Cigarettes. You muttered with a heart, "Let's take a look, you can't, don't say that the skirt is short, it's wearing pants, culottes, culottes, you don't understand, but you are also a guilty conscience, and turned into one of your own acres. Three points, my heart is not shaking in front of your eyes, it is good not to shake in front of everyone. You see how daring today, usually a lady skirt, can not help but a bosom, a small yellow shirt wearing a small waist , pleated black small skirt, black cashmere tights, high-top Martin shoes stuffed into a small half-tube, plus a red white velvet lapels leather jacket, a long hair on the chest, I feel A little dazzling, the door came in to the face of a police uncle, you have no such brand, a person is so comfortable, you smiled and smiled, well, quiet. The door ran into the nasty face, about to scrape Under your nose, eyes staring at your face, smiling at Dong Laxi, as if you want to see through your eyes through your eyes. If there is him, will he have to go out before going out? Pull your skirt, "Hang, wear so Carefully to my bees and butterflies! "Would you like to cripple and dare to control! He whispered, "I am afraid that you are cold, you like to wear a skirt is true, and you don't know when to start." In the summer, I wore a pink-blue dress with a white bow on my chest, or a straight-shoulder dress with a small white round black dot, or a white half-sleeve dress... light and cool! Autumn is the light two-piece dress, or the sky blue vest dress, plus a lace white knit cardigan, or a white long black dress, white cotton lace dress, with a light shawl... elegant, comfortable warm winter is Black and white velvet dress with hooded edging and high waist, deep blue gold down jacket, or vest-style plaid skirt with white shirt, plus lavender windbreaker jacket or black jacket with red scarf..., with black or brown, high Tube low tube high-top shoes, what do you want to take. Fortunately, you are not the kind of shopaholic, clothing will not buy too much Parliament Cigarettes, there are a few pieces that you like to wear for four or five years, old-fashioned. I don't mean that I am a master. I just think of someone who misses her red dress and green dress. When she thinks about it, she wants to laugh, I don't know! Red and green, and big, you still dare not try. Of course, I like to like it. Keeping warm is the first place. You see the sun shining brightly and without a jacket. The cold wind blows into the neck, the pain of the cold silk is so good, the weather in the south is so good, the winter is not so cold, you are also screaming. In the north, you will be born with frostbite, and you will dare not wear a skirt. But you still want to go to the winter in the north to see the snow, have a chance? It��s cold now, it��s so cold, I can��t go back to get clothes. I didn��t forget to put a shawl on the floor. I have nothing today. If I had him, would I take off my coat and put it on your shoulder? The handcuffs were written here, and the faint thought of it was that the woman always had a skirt at the bottom of the box. Before the elementary school, the little floral dress made by my mother was light green. You dressed so cute that the big aunt used your finger to lick your face, leaving a slight scratch on the corner of your mouth. You are remembering No, it��s what you said when you grow up. Every time you look in the mirror, you think about it. Now I saw my aunt and I went to my face and said that if you look at you, you will be pretty, and you will be exaggerated. The aunt��s shoes are really good, and I��ve sent you shoes. "When you say that your shoes are worn, especially women do the best for the month!" You cracked your mouth, and the most favorite thing to take over during the girlhood was that the white dress that I had processed, the piece of material was in the distance. The younger brother who sent the book sent it to you, it will save you and save the living expenses for that month. Because you like the kind of fine white material, you carefully send it to the tailor shop, looking forward to a few days to get, skirt It was made into a nurse's suit. You take it back and cry, remove the white strip of the collar cuffs, cut the remaining fabric into a shape Cigarettes For Sale, lock the edges with a dark blue thin line, double collars to make a collar, short cuffs with a narrow blue lace, skirt The hair was taken apart from the waist and turned in the direction. The two sides were cut into a curved shape with scissors. Finally, a pair of light blue-lined white pigeons were embroidered on the cuff skirt. The skirt was also beautiful. The skirt was worn for a few years. I can't wear it until the end, and I stayed for a few more years. It was in that year that the fifteen-six-year-old sister had searched hard, but she couldn��t wear the smell. Later, the skirt didn��t know who sent it Marlboro Gold. Fortunately, I stayed in the photo taken at the university, the white dress you sat on the grass in the sun, a pure smile, the background is two curved neck-shaped white swan, occasionally let colleagues see I am amazed at the purity of the year, Miaoru Liuyan, and who is not young at the age of 18 or 9 years old. What is still left is the waist sleeveless vest dress, black and white dots, black waist lift. That year, the heart was very sad, and I went to the big brother on the bus that spent the night on the weekend. I cried and cried on the road. When I saw the younger brother smiled and said, "Well, my sister is still pretty, it is a big deal." Didn't ask you anything, you didn't say anything to him, just sit quietly for half an hour, and you rushed back to the night train. When you changed cars on the road, you strolled around the store and met. Listening to the store said that it is a one-of-a-kind dress Marlboro Red. I tried to look at the mirror and laughed myself. I have nothing to do with life. Why don��t I go through it, wear it to swim in the park, watch Jingshan, go to work the next day, if the fate makes You are destined to be a woman, and there is nothing to lament. You can only wear a skirt. You love this daughter. If this life is doomed because of the girl and needs your hardship, then what is it? You like that you are a woman, but you will occasionally sigh when you are frustrated why you didn��t become a boy. Indigo/wen
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