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Customers don't expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.
- Donald Porter V.P., British Airways

MARK is a local celebrity in his city. When his ?big sister? and her husband visit, Mark likes to treat them to dinner in a fancy, lavish five star restaurant. On one occasion Cheap NFL Jerseys China , upon arriving at the restaurant of choice, Mark and his family learned there were no reservations in his name. He calmly asked, ?Well, what are we going to do fix this? I'm sure there's something your manager can do.?

The ma'tre d' returned with the manager Cheap NFL Jerseys , who apologized for the error and assured Mark they would resolve the situation at once. Meanwhile, the ma'tre d? went to several tables and explained to each diner that the restaurant had misplaced a reservation and asked if they would mind helping by allowing their table to be slightly 'shifted.? He offered them a twenty percent discount off their bill for their inconvenience. Naturally, the other diners complied.

A space cleared in the middle of the room and four waiters carried in a table and chairs. In less than three minutes, accommodations were ready for Mark and his family.

Sooner or later Cheap Jerseys Shop , you're going to disappoint a customer. How you handle that crisis, will determine whether you lose a patron or gain a devoted supporter. If you can make a customer feel special after you've disappointed them, you've taken a negative situation and transformed it into a positive.

TURNAROUND TIP: When you make a mistake, make no excuses. Own the mistake and begin to correct it at once. However Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , it doesn't do you or your associates any good if you try to solve a problem without a specific plan. The following steps offer a blueprint for crisis resolution that you can adapt to your business. This guide comes from the book, Juiced! by Lipkin and Gillis.

1. Apologize immediately with genuine empathy. [The manager apologized to Mark without restraint for the embar-rassment and inconvenience the misplaced reservation caused his family.]

2. Take responsibility. Take control. Don't badmouth your company and don't go hunting for blame in front of the Customer. Dance, Don't Fight. [The manager didn't come out with blazing accusations saying, ?It's the hostess? fault!? He took the heat. He owned the problem and made no excuses. Your customer doesn't care who's to blame.]

3. Do whatever you can to fix the problem or resolve the situation immediately. Be crisis-ready. [The manager had extra tables and chairs for just such an emergency.]

4. Have a resource-in-reserve that can be app-lied when and where it's needed fast. [The manager authorized the twenty percent discount to the other diners to express gratitude at their willingness to help. You might keep gift cards to give to Customers to offset the bitterness of a disappointment ? along with an apology.]

5. Minimize the Customer's inconvenience or discomfort financially Cheap Jerseys Online , emotionally and physically. Take the sting out of the negative experience. Manage your customer's memory. [Will Mark remember the misplaced reservation or the way they fixed it? Both, but he won't tell the story without telling what they did to alleviate the problem.]

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