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HAVANA, June 7 (Xinhua) -- The president of Cuba's Boxing Federation Alberto Puig said Tuesday that the island country is studying the possibility of participating in women's boxing events in upcoming international competitions.

Puig said that organizers of the World Series of Boxing have announced they will include two divisions for women and each attending country and region must comply with the new regulations.

The sports official said the International Boxing Association (AIBA) is also seeking to increase the participation of female boxers in top-level events like the Olympics.

"Cuba lacks an organized system for the development of women's boxing, but there are individuals with experience and with the potential to successfully take part in foreign competitions," said Puig.

According to the president, after some initial resistance by local sports authorities and certain fans, the Caribbean nation is now successfully participating in women's freestyle wrestling, meaning it can also make this transition in boxing.

Boxing is one of Cuba's finest sports as the country has won 57 Olympic medals in the discipline.

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