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Nike Air VaporMax Run Utility

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# 12.10.2018 - 13:58:11

Nike launched a dual-function version of the [URL=https://www.cadysport.com/product-category/nike-air-vapormax/]Nike Air VaporMax Run Utility[/URL] with the popular Air VaporMax, which recently brought a new color scheme. The main shades of gray are the main tone, with yellow accents in the details. In the design, the upper is made of waterproof fabric, with rubber joints, which brings a full range of waterproof effects. The outdoor function is greatly improved. The thick upper is more suitable for autumn and winter wear. The large area is exposed with dynamic flying lines and elastic laces. The design provides both adequate support and ease of wear and tear.

The new [URL=https://www.cadysport.com/product-category/off-white-shoes/]black OFF-WHITE x Air Max 97[/URL] officially unveiled at Paris Fashion Week. After the first exposure, there are only a handful of image updates. The shoe design is identical to the previous white version, and the upper material incorporates the most popular translucent flap fabric, which is more layered than the white version. The Swoosh Logo on the side is much larger than the regular Air Max 97. It is presented in white and has a visual impact with the pure black body. The iconic font description of the “The Ten” series on the inside and the heel of the upper, the anti-theft buckle changed from red to light blue, reflecting the difference in the new season. The color name is set to “Cone” which means the awl, which complements the smooth lines of the Air Max 97.

After the release of the [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-react/]Nike React Element 87[/URL], both the shape and the foot feel have been well received by the sneakers. Now another new React shoe type exposure has attracted a lot of attention! The style of the Nike React Runner Mid WR is very similar to that of the ACG. The design of the center is made of a water-repellent material similar to Element 87 translucent, and the size of the two Swoosh at the toe is particularly conspicuous. The black-and-white color scheme and the blue-and-yellow color matching of the introduction are not only trendy, but also have a certain outdoor function. The same midsole as the React Element 87 is equally trustworthy.